trina papini

With 14+ years of retail experience under her (incredibly beautiful) belt, Trina Papini, buyer at the venerable San Francisco boutique Metier, is now available for private and creative consultation. 

Papini brings years of styling experience and personal attention to clients, from clothing lines, boutiques, and personal styling services for current and new clientele.

Trina advocates a special mix of high and low— the finest 18th century wedding ring worn with the perfect pair of aged denim.

Building a style, whether personal or retail-oriented, is dependent on creating a language, a narrative, a structure, and building upon it. Adding to and editing this language to create a cohesive whole both everyday as a well as over the years can be wholly or partially aided by a professional.

With experience, one can create this language while incorporating market trends, but it is rare knowledge to have- with an eye to the high and the low, the classic and the momentary both. Trina has this, both learned and intuitive sense in spades– I deeply appreciate those who are comfortable in their own skins, stripes, spots and years notwithstanding. To glean any iota of style from Trina or to just have a glimmer of her talent around, I think, can cast quite an attractive light on anything it touches.

-kelly tunstall

“I love how Trina introduces brands and ideas that are new and fresh.

But mostly I love how authentic, smart, kind and lovely she is. I always leave Trina's presence feeling more special and empowered.

Only a truly great wardrobe stylist can do that.


Family photo by Molly DeCodreaux